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Bridges of the Cotswold Canals

This page provides a list of all the bridges (or sites of bridges) on the Stroudwater Navigation and Thames & Severn Canal, along with their restoration status. Three bridges that will not form part of the restored Stroudwater Navigation are listed separately under the 'Old Stroudwater' heading.

For further information and photos on any given bridge, click/tap on its name.

Stroudwater Bridges

# Bridge Use Type Status
1 Walk road fixed Replacement bridge required
2 Whitminster farm swing Replacement bridge required
3 Lockham Aqueduct - - Demolished
4 Stonepitts track fixed Demolished
5 Occupation farm fixed Complete (original)
6a A38 Roundabout North
(formerly Bristol Road)
road fixed Complete (rebuilt 2020)
6b A38 Roundabout South road fixed Complete (new bridge 2020)
7 Hyde's farm fixed Demolished. Will not be re-instated as part of Phase 1b.
8 M5 Motorway road fixed New requirement. Will share River Frome bridge
9 Westfield farm fixed Complete (original) - canal infilled
10 Pike road fixed Complete (rebuilt 2005)
11 Roving track fixed Complete (original)
12 Bonds Mill road lift Likely to be replaced with new lift bridge
13 Ocean Railway railway fixed Demolished (replacement planned for 2021)
14 Ocean Swing road swing Complete (replaced 2011)
15 Nutshell track fixed Complete (original)
16 Stonehouse (Bridgend) road fixed Complete (rebuilt)
17 Upper Mills road fixed Complete (rebuilt)
18 Midland Railway foot fixed Complete (original)
21 Haywards road fixed Complete (new)
19 Ryeford road fixed Complete (original)
20 Ryeford footbridge foot swing Complete (existing)
21 Oil Mills road fixed Complete (re-built)
22 Ebley road fixed Complete (new)
23 Ebley footbridge foot swing Complete (new)
24 Hilly Orchard foot fixed Complete (replaced)
25 Dudbridge road fixed Complete (replaced 1991)
26 Chestnut Lane road swing Complete (replaced 2012)
27 Lodgemore road lift Complete (replaced 2016 - formerly a swing bridge)

Old Stroudwater Bridges

# Bridge Use Type Status
1 Framilode road swing Demolished. No plans to restore this section of canal
2 Moor Street (Saul) road fixed Low bridge. No plans to restore this section of canal

Thames & Severn Bridges

# Bridge Use Type Status
1 Stroud Brewery road fixed Complete (new)
2 Wallbridge road fixed Complete (modified original)
3 Dr Newtons Way road fixed Complete (new)
4 Capel's Mill railway fixed Complete (original)
5 Bowbridge road fixed Complete (Restored 2017)
6 Stanton's track fixed Complete (original)
7 Jubilee foot fixed Complete (original)
8 Ham Mill road fixed Complete (original)
9 Bagpath track fixed Complete (original)
10 Hope Mill road fixed New requirement
11 Goughs Orchard track fixed Complete (original)
12 Brimscombe Corner road fixed Demolished
13 Bourne Lock road fixed Complete (original)
14 Bourne Railway railway fixed Demolished
15 Bourne road swing Demolished
16 Beales foot fixed Complete (original)
17 St Mary's road fixed Complete (original)
18 St Mary's Railway railway fixed Demolished
19 Iles Mill road fixed Complete (original)
20 Ballingers road fixed Demolished
21 Chapel road fixed Demolished
22 Bell road fixed Demolished
23 Clowes foot fixed Complete (original)
24 Valley road fixed Complete (original)
25 Baker's Mill (XXI) road fixed Complete (original)
26 Puck Mill track fixed Complete (original)
27 Whitehall track fixed Complete (original)
28 Bathurst Meadow foot fixed Complete (original)
29 Daneway road fixed Complete (original)
  Summit Level      
30 Tarlton (XXV) road fixed Complete (original)
31 Skew rail fixed Complete (original)
32 Trewsbury (Coatesfield) farm fixed Complete (original)
33 Trewsbury Swing farm swing New requirement
34 Thames Head road fixed New bridge required. (Original exists on old road alignment)
35 Smerrill Farm farm swing Demolished (no photo)
36 Smerrill Aqueduct aqueduct fixed Demolished
37 Ewen farm swing Demolished
38 Ewen Railway fixed fixed Disused railway bridge
39 Half-way or Hinton's track fixed Complete (original / partly rebuilt) Restored by CCT
40 Park Leaze road fixed Demolished
41 Furzen Leaze farm fixed Demolished - canal infilled
42 Blue House (XXXII) road fixed Demolished - canal infilled
43 Ewen Road road fixed Demolished - canal infilled
44 Minety Road road fixed Demolished - canal infilled
45 Upper Siddington road fixed Complete (original)
46 M&SWJ Railway, Siddington railway - Demolished - railway closed in 1964
47 Greyhound Bridge road fixed Demolished
48 Plummer's Farm farm swing? New requirement
49 Cowground farm fixed Original. Restored by CCT (2011-13)
50 Siddington Swing farm swing Replacement bridge required
51 River Churn Aqueduct aqueduct fixed Demolished
52 South Cerney road fixed Demolished - canal infilled
53 Northmoor Lane road fixed Demolished
54 Crane road fixed Demolished
55 Humpback farm fixed Demolished. Route across canal no longer required
56 Wildmoorway track fixed Restored by CCT
57 Gateway / Spine Road road fixed Complete (New in 2003)
58 Cerney Wick road fixed Demolished
59 Latton Junction Towpath foot fixed Demolished
60 Latton Junction Aqueduct aqueduct fixed Demolished
61 Weymoor track fixed Re-built by CCT (Original bridge demolished)
62 Latton Service Road road fixed New requirement
63 A419 Latton Underpass road fixed Constructed in 1997 - currently buried
64 Latton (XLV) (former A419 route) road fixed Demolished - new bridge required in different location
65 Cricklade Wharf road fixed Demolished - No longer required as canal to be re-routed
66 Cricklade (Kempsford Road) road fixed New requirement
67 Ampney Brook Aqueduct aqueduct fixed Demolished
68 Eisey road fixed Demolished
69 Rucks farm fixed Restored by CCT (original)
70 Marston Meysey farm fixed Complete (original). No longer required as canal to be re-routed
71 Crooked (L) road fixed Demolished - canal infilled
72 Blackgore (LI) road fixed Demolished - canal infilled
73 Oatlands farm fixed Complete - canal infilled
74 Kempsford Swing track swing Demolished - no access
75 Kempsford road fixed Demolished
76 Green Lane foot fixed Demolished - canal infilled
77 Hamfield (Dudgrove Farm) farm fixed Demolished - no access
78 Dudgrove Swing (Dudgrove Farm) farm swing Demolished - no access
79 Dudgrove (Dudgrove Farm) farm fixed Demolished - no access
80 Inglesham track fixed Complete (original)

(Roman numerals in brackets after some T&S bridge names denote the original bridge number where confirmed against historical records. L=50, X=10, V=5 and I=1.)

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