Cotswold Canals in Pictures

Cotswold Canals in Pictures Towpath Guide App

The CCiP Towpath Guide app is an easy-to-use companion for those walking or cycling along the Cotswold Canals. The app provides information on over 200 points of interest along the Stroudwater and Thames & Severn Canals, and uses your location to determine those nearest to you.

Version 2 includes a search feature, so information about various canal locations can be accessed without having to be standing right next to them!

Towpath Guide Coverage

The towpath guide provides information on those locations where a public right of way exists, mainly:

  1. Upper Framilode to Trewsbury Bridge, Coates. (Detour required around M5.)
  2. Siddington, near Cirencester, to the site of Ampney Brook aqueduct, Eisey (near Cricklade).

It also includes information on a number of more isolated locations (where the canal is not generally accessible) where access is provided by a footpath or highway.


CCiP is looking forward to getting your feedback on the app, including any issues found or requests for future enhancements.

Future Versions

The next planned full release (v3) will be in early 2022.

Minor enhancements and bug fix releases will be issued as required.


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