Cotswold Canals in Pictures

Westfield Lock

Westfield is the first in a flight of five locks near the village of Eastington when heading towards Stroud.

The lock, which is adjacent to Westfield Bridge, was infilled in around 1970 when the M5 motorway was constructed. This marks the eastern end of the 'Missing Mile', which is the length of canal that was lost at that time.

In the autumn of 2022, CCT volunteers started excavating the lock as part of the Phase 1B, or 'Cotswold Canals Connected' restoration programme.


The lock and bridge is the furthest point that walkers can travel alongside the canal heading west without taking a diversion along the Thames & Severn Way, until such time as the canal is reinstated.

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Westfield Lock
Westfield Lock being rediscovered after being buried for 50 years
Westfield Lock
Westfield Lock rediscovered after being buried for 50 years

Before Restoration

Westfield Lock
The infilled Westfield Lock looking towards M5
Westfield Lock
Infilled Westfield Lock looking from Westfield Bridge