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Cirencester Arm of the Thames & Severn Canal

The route of the Cirencester Arm was between Siddington and Sheep Street in Cirencester. It was about 1¼ miles (2km) in length and terminated at a basin and wharf in Cirencester, with a canal company-owned wharf house alongside. The wharf house was demolished in the mid-1970s to make way for road improvements, long after the canal had been infilled.

The Cirencester Arm was on the summit level of the Thames & Severn (with no locks) and had an important role as a means of transferring water from the River Churn in Cirencester into the main line of the canal at Siddington.

As can be seen, most to this section has been lost to redevelopment, and restoration is not considered a viable or worthwhile proposition.

The photos below show the main points of interest along the route, starting at the site of Poole's Bridge in Siddington (close to the junction with the main canal line) and ending at the site of the former canal basin in Cirencester.

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