Cotswold Canals in Pictures

Bristol Road Lock, Whitminster

Beyond the boundary of the new southern A38 road bridge is the site for the construction of a new Bristol Road Lock which will replace the original, long since lost as a consequence of the construction of the M5 motorway (see photo below).

The original lock had a fall of about 2.5m (8' 3"), however the new lock will have a lesser fall. This is because another 'all-new' lock is to be constructed on the eastern side of the M5 to lower the level of the canal so that boats are able to pass under the M5 using the existing river bridge.

The construction of this lock will form part of the Phase 1b, or 'Cotswold Canals Connected' restoration scheme.

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Bristol Road Lock, Whitminster
Proposed location of the new Bristol Road (A38) Lock
Bristol Road Lock, Whitminster
The new Bristol Road Lock will be close to the southern A38 roundabout bridge

Before Construction of M5

Bristol Road Lock, Whitminster
c1960 view of Bristol Road Lock before being lost during M5 construction.
[Richard Courtenay Lord]