Cotswold Canals in Pictures

Access for those with Restricted Mobility

(Please note the following information has been provided as guidance only, and is from an 'unqualified source'. It is the responsibility of the visitor, and/or their supervisor/carer, to assess whether this section of canal is a suitable and safe place to visit.)

Probably the most accessible restored section of the Cotswold Canals at the moment is at Stonehouse, between Upper Mills Bridge and Ocean Swing Bridge, near St Cyr's Church. The towpath is about 2m wide (where possible) and has a rolled fine grit finish.

St Cyr's Church, Stonehouse

Stroudwater Canal near St Cyr's Church

The towpath is level along the entire length, except for a ramp which leads up onto Upper Mills Bridge (see 'Car Parking at Upper Mills Bridge' below), and covers a distance of about 700m.

Travelling west along the towpath from Upper Mills bridge leads under Stonehouse Bridge, past Stonehouse Wharf and then under Nutshell Bridge. Beyond Nutshell Bridge are open fields to the left and the attractive St Cyr's Church across the canal to the right. This route ends at Ocean Swing Bridge, which was re-built in 2012.

There are two locations where cars can be parked, one at each end of this section of canal.

Car Parking at Upper Mills Bridge

There is a small car park just before Upper Mills Bridge on the left after turning in from the A419 (sign-posted Upper Mills Industrial Estate). The canal towpath is on the other side of the bridge, about 20-30 metres away. Note that there is a gradient from the bridge deck down to the level of the canal.

Upper Mills Bridge

Car Parking at St Cyr's Church

St Cyr's Church can be accessed by turning off the A419 into Boakes Drive at the mini-roundabout near the Stonehouse Court Hotel. From Boakes Drive take the first right into Barlow Close which leads into Church Lane, where there is a limited amount of on-road parking. From here there is level pedestrian access through the churchyard and out to Ocean Swing Bridge, a distance of about 200m.


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