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GPSS Oil Pipeline, Whitminster

GPSS Oil Pipeline, Whitminster

GPSS Oil Pipeline, Whitminster
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As part of the Phase 1B restoratrion programme, this pipeline would be lowered to pass under the canal bed.

About the Pipeline

This pipeline is part of the Government Pipelines and Storage System (GPSS) which crosses the canal near Occupation Bridge. The pipeline is operated by the The Oil and Pipelines Agency.

The GPSS comprises 2,000 kilometres of operating pipelines and 15 registered storage sites. The operational storage depots are connected to the pipeline system which receives supplies from some of the major refining centres and port areas in England.

The GPSS receives, stores, transports and delivers light oil petroleum products for military and civil users and it distributes 40% of aviation fuel within the United Kingdom.

In peacetime the military only use around 10% of the current throughput and 60% of the storage capacity of the system.

The GPSS not only supplies aviation fuel to the military but it also has a substantial role in supplying aviation fuel the UK's commercial airports.

GPSS Oil Pipeline, Whitminster

View of Oil Pipeline from Occupation Bridge towards Saul

GPSS Oil Pipeline, Whitminster

Oil pipeline marker