Cotswold Canals in Pictures

Thames & Severn Canal: End-to-End Tour

Canal structures and other points of interest travelling from west to east on the Thames & Severn Canal.
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Wallbridge Lower Lock

Wallbridge Lower Lock, Stroud [more]

Stroud Brewery Bridge

Stroud Brewery Bridge, Wallbridge, Stroud [more]

Former A46 road bridge, Wallbridge, Stroud

Former A46 road bridge, Wallbridge [more]

Wallbridge Upper Lock, Stroud

Wallbridge Upper Lock, Stroud [more]

Wallbridge Pound. View from Wallbridge Upper Lock towards Capel's Mill

Wallbridge Pound [more]

Original Thames & Severn Canal warehouse at Wallbridge, Stroud

Canal Warehouse, Wallbridge Wharf, Stroud [more]

Dr Newtons Way Bridge - looking towards Stroud town centre

Dr Newtons Way Bridge [more]

Capel's Mill and new clay-lined section

Capel's Mill - Railway Viaduct & New Canal Channel [more]

Arundel Aqueduct which is beyond the Thames & Severn Canal (foreground)

Arundel Aqueduct and Spill Weir, Capel's Mill [more]

Bowbridge Bridge, Stroud

Bowbridge Bridge [more]

Restored Bowbridge Lock, Bowbridge, Stroud

Bowbridge Lock [more]

Stanton's Bridge - view towards Stroud

Stanton's Bridge [more]

View of Griffin's Mill Lock, nearing completion

Griffin's Mill Lock [more]

Jubilee footbridge

Jubilee Footbridge, Thrupp [more]

Ham Mill Bridge, Thrupp

Ham Mill Bridge, Thrupp [more]

Ham Mill Lock with the restored brickwork virtually complete and gates fitted

Ham Mill Lock, Thrupp [more]

Bagpath Bridge - view towards Stroud

Bagpath Bridge, Thrupp [more]

View towards Chalford.

Infilling near Hope Mill Lock [more]

The site of the original lock is near the cars (right)

Site of Hope Mill Lock [more]

Site of proposed new bridge, Hope Mill [more]

Gough's Orchard Feeder Pump House

Gough's Orchard Feeder [more]

Gough's Orchard Lock Bridge - view towards Stroud

Gough's Orchard Lock Bridge [more]

Gough's Orchard Lock after structure restored - view towards Stroud

Gough's Orchard Lock, Brimscombe [more]

View of infilled canal east of Gough's Orchard Lock.

Infilling above Gough's Orchard Lock [more]

The site of the bridge with infilled canal is in the middle distance

Site of Brimscombe Corner Bridge [more]

View across Brimscombe Port, with the salt store in the middle distance

Brimscombe Port [more]

This view was taken from Bourne Bridge.

End of infill, Brimscombe Port [more]

View towards Brimscombe Port

Bourne Lock Bridge, Brimscombe [more]

Bourne Lock, view towards Chalford.

Bourne Lock, Brimscombe [more]

Site of Bourne Railway Bridge, view towards Brimscombe Port

Site of Bourne Railway Bridge, Bourne Lock [more]

View towards Brimscombe Port, 'Olympic Varnish' to right

Site of Bourne Bridge, Brimscombe [more]

Beale's Bridge looking towards Chalford

Beale's Bridge, Brimscombe [more]

Beale's Lock, Brimscombe (2016)

Beale's Lock, Brimscombe [more]

St Mary's Bridge, Chalford

St. Mary's Lock Bridge [more]

View towards infilled railway bridge.

St. Mary's Lock, Chalford [more]

View towards Chalford Roundhouse

Site of Railway bridge near St. Mary's Lock [more]

Spill Way near Ile's Bridge showing canal run-off into River Frome

Spill Way near Ile's Bridge [more]

Ile's Bridge, Chalford - view towards Roundhouse

Ile's Bridge, Chalford [more]

Ile's Lock - looking towards Chalford Roundhouse

Ile's Lock, Chalford [more]

Site of Ballinger's Bridge & short infilled section

Site of Ballinger's Bridge [more]