Cotswold Canals in Pictures

Stroudwater Navigation: End-to-End Tour

Canal structures and other points of interest travelling from west to east on the Stroudwater Navigation between Framilode on the River Severn and Wallbridge in Stroud.
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Site of infilled lock, River Severn to left

Framilode Lock, River Severn [more]

Lock Cottage Framilode

Former Canal Basin & Buildings, Framilode Lock [more]

Site of Framilode Bridge - canal passed left to right (River to right)

Site of Framilode Bridge, Upper Framilode [more]

'Canal Row' (cottages) - view towards River Severn.

'Canal Row' & Ship Inn, Upper Framilode [more]

Moor Street Bridge, Upper Framilode

Moor Street Bridge, Upper Framilode [more]

Start of infilling below Moor Street Bridge (Saul).

Infilled canal - Saul [more]

Junction Lock, Saul looking towards Framilode - after the 2016 restoration

Stroudwater Lock, Saul Junction [more]

Saul Junction, on the Gloucester & Sharpness Canal

Saul Junction - Gloucester & Sharpness Canal [more]

Saul Marina off the Stroudwater Navigation

Saul Marina & nearby moorings [more]

Walk Bridge, Whitminster

Walk Bridge, Whitminster [more]

Whitminster Bridge, with lock top gate recess in foreground. View towards Saul

Whitminster Bridge & Lock [more]

Infilling after Whitminster Lock looking towards Stroud. River Frome left

Start of Infill, Whitminster Lock [more]

Site of Lockham Aqueduct and near the end of canal infilling

River Frome and site of Lockham Aqueduct [more]

Type 29 Pillbox at Stonepitts Bridge on the Stroudwater Navigation

Type 29 Pillbox, Stonepitts Bridge [more]

Site of Stonepitts Bridge, looking along track that went over the bridge

Site of Stonepitts Bridge [more]

Occupation Bridge - view towards Saul

Occupation Bridge, Whitminster [more]

CLH-PS oil pipeline, Whitminster

CLH-PS Oil Pipeline, Whitminster [more]

Type 26 Pillbox near Bristol Road Wharf on the Stroudwater Navigation

Type 26 Pillbox, near Bristol Road Wharf [more]

Bristol Road Wharf and start of 'missing mile' infill. View towards Stro

Bristol Road Wharf, and start of infilling [more]

A38 Bristol Road roundabout obstruction and site of buried lock

Site of Bristol Road Bridge & Lock [more]

Site of Hyde's Bridge on the old canal line. View towards A38

Site of Hyde's Bridge & Infilled Canal [more]

M5 Motorway obstruction. Canal will take alternate route using river bridge

M5 Motorway obstruction [more]

Westfield Bridge and the now buried Westfield Lock. View towards M5 & Saul

Westfield Bridge & site of Westfield Lock [more]

Other end of 'missing mile' infilling at Oldbury Brook, Chipmans Platt.

End of infilling, Chipmans Platt [more]

Meadwow Mill Spill Weir, view towards Saul

Meadow Mill overflow weir, Chipmans Platt [more]

Dock Lock, view towards Saul

Dock Lock, Chipmans Platt [more]

Former Dry Dock entrance at Chipmans Platt on the Stroudwater Navigation

Former Dry Dock at Chipmans Platt [more]

Pike Bridge, view towards Stroud

Pike Bridge, Eastington [more]

Pike Lock, Eastington. View towards Stroud

Pike Lock, Eastington [more]

Eastington Slipway with Blunder Lock in the background

Eastington Slipway [more]

Blunder Lock, Eastington. View towards Saul

Blunder Lock, Eastington [more]

Newton Lock, Eastington. View towards Saul

Newtown Lock, Eastington [more]

Roving Bridge, view towards Saul

Roving Bridge, Stonehouse [more]

Bond's Mill Bridge, view towards Stroud

Bond's Mill Bridge, Stonehouse [more]

Bond's Mill Pill Box

Bond's Mill Pill Box, Stonehouse [more]

Site of Ocean Railway Bridge, Stonehouse. View towards Stroud

Site of Ocean Railway Bridge, Stonehouse [more]

'The Ocean' looking towards Stroud

'The Ocean', Stonehouse [more]

Ocean Swing Bridge and St Cyr's Church, Stonehouse

Ocean Swing Bridge, Stonehouse [more]

St Cyr's Church, Stonehouse and a restored section of the Stroudwater Navig

St Cyr's Church, Stonehouse [more]

Nutshell Bridge, Stonehouse during dredging in 2011

Nutshell Bridge & House, Stonehouse [more]