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Stroudwater Navigation: Locks

Locks on the Stroudwater Navigation between Framilode on the River Severn and Wallbridge in Stroud.
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Site of infilled lock, River Severn to left

Framilode Lock, River Severn [more]

Junction Lock, Saul looking towards Framilode - after the 2016 restoration

Stroudwater Lock, Saul Junction [more]

Whitminster Bridge, with lock top gate recess in foreground. View towards Saul

Whitminster Bridge & Lock [more]

A38 Bristol Road roundabout obstruction and site of buried lock

Site of Bristol Road Bridge & Lock [more]

Westfield Bridge and the now buried Westfield Lock. View towards M5 & Saul

Westfield Bridge & site of Westfield Lock [more]

Dock Lock, view towards Saul

Dock Lock, Chipmans Platt [more]

Pike Lock, Eastington. View towards Stroud

Pike Lock, Eastington [more]

Blunder Lock, Eastington. View towards Saul

Blunder Lock, Eastington [more]

Newton Lock, Eastington. View towards Saul

Newtown Lock, Eastington [more]

Ryeford Double Lock

Ryeford Double Lock - Lower Chamber [more]

Ryeford Double Lock - view towards Stonehouse

Ryeford Double Lock - Upper Chamber [more]

Dudbridge Lower Lock with hydro-electric generator chamber to left of lock

Dudbridge Lower Lock [more]

Dudbridge Upper Lock, with the bypass channel to the right

Dudbridge Upper Lock [more]