Cotswold Canals in Pictures

Cirencester Arm: End-to-End Tour

Canal structures and other points of interest travelling from west to east on the Cirencester Arm of the Thames & Severn Canal between Siddington and Sheep Street in Cirencester.
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Site of Pool's Bridge. Canal used to cross road in line with gateway (left)

Site of Pool's Bridge, Siddington [more]

Footpath crosses canal, Siddington [more]

Cirencester Arm - end of open canal [more]

End of the Cirencester Arm towpath in the Love Lane Trading Estate

Effective end of the Cirencester Arm [more]

Most of the Cirencester Arm has been lost to redevelopment

Cirencester Arm now under Trading Estate [more]

Site of Chesterton Lane Bridge [more]

Site of Cirencester Wharf House

Site of Cirencester Basin & Wharf House [more]