Cotswold Canals in Pictures

Phase 1B Restoration Section: End-to-End Tour

Canal structures and other points of interest travelling from west to east on the Phase 1B Restoration Section of the Stroudwater Navigation between Walk Bridge near Saul Junction and 'The Ocean' in Stonehouse.
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Walk Bridge, Whitminster

Walk Bridge, Whitminster [more]

Whitminster Bridge, with lock top gate recess in foreground. View towards Saul

Whitminster Bridge & Lock [more]

Infilling after Whitminster Lock looking towards Stroud. River Frome left

Start of Infill, Whitminster Lock [more]

Site of Lockham Aqueduct and near the end of canal infilling

River Frome and site of Lockham Aqueduct [more]

Site of Stonepitts Bridge, looking along track that went over the bridge

Site of Stonepitts Bridge [more]

Occupation Bridge - view towards Saul

Occupation Bridge, Whitminster [more]

CLH-PS oil pipeline, Whitminster

CLH-PS Oil Pipeline, Whitminster [more]

Bristol Road Wharf and start of 'missing mile' infill. View towards Stro

Bristol Road Wharf, and start of infilling [more]

A38 Bristol Road roundabout obstruction and site of buried lock

Site of Bristol Road Bridge & Lock [more]

M5 Motorway obstruction. Canal will take alternate route using river bridge

M5 Motorway obstruction [more]

Westfield Bridge and the now buried Westfield Lock. View towards M5 & Saul

Westfield Bridge & site of Westfield Lock [more]

Other end of 'missing mile' infilling at Oldbury Brook, Chipmans Platt.

End of infilling, Chipmans Platt [more]

Meadwow Mill Spill Weir, view towards Saul

Meadow Mill overflow weir, Chipmans Platt [more]

Dock Lock, view towards Saul

Dock Lock, Chipmans Platt [more]

Pike Bridge, view towards Stroud

Pike Bridge, Eastington [more]

Pike Lock, Eastington. View towards Stroud

Pike Lock, Eastington [more]

Eastington Slipway with Blunder Lock in the background

Eastington Slipway [more]

Blunder Lock, Eastington. View towards Saul

Blunder Lock, Eastington [more]

Newton Lock, Eastington. View towards Saul

Newtown Lock, Eastington [more]

Roving Bridge, view towards Saul

Roving Bridge, Stonehouse [more]

Bond's Mill Bridge, view towards Stroud

Bond's Mill Bridge, Stonehouse [more]

Site of Ocean Railway Bridge, Stonehouse. View towards Stroud

Site of Ocean Railway Bridge, Stonehouse [more]