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Cotswold Canals Quiz - 2017

Thirty questions about the Stroudwater Navigation and the Thames & Severn Canal, or things related to them.

A PDF version of the quiz can be downloaded here, if preferred.

If needed, assistance with most of the answers might be found by searching the Cotswold Canals in Pictures website.

  1. A lock on the Stroudwater with a fish in it?
  2. Name three bridges on the Thames & Severn that have a colour in their name.
  3. What year did the Stonehouse & Nailsworth (Midland) Railway finally close?
  4. A Lock where cargo can be loaded & unloaded, apparently?
  5. Which monarch was on the throne when the Stroudwater Navigation was opened?
  6. How far is Inglesham from the new milestone installed at Capel's Mill in 2017?
  7. What year was the 'Upper Portion' of the Thames & Severn Canal abandoned?
  8. Rush Skate Park is currently based here?
  9. A bridge on the Thames & Severn that shares its name with a breed of dog?
  10. In what month in 1789 did the Thames & Severn Canal officially open?
  11. How many locks are there in the Eastington Flight?
  12. How many places has a railway (at any time) crossed the route of either canal? (Tricky!)
  13. How many locks are there with 'Siccaridge Wood' in the name?
  14. What year did the Gloucester & Sharpness Canal open?
  15. How many 'single' locks are there between Cricklade Wharf and Lechlade?
  16. Name of a long-demolished bridge on the Thames & Severn that was never straight?
  17. This infilled lock & bridge on the Thames & Severn was well attended on a Sunday, presumably?
  18. What is the distance in 'canal miles' from Wallbridge to the Daneway Portal of Sapperton Tunnel, according to the adjacent milestone (when the milestone plate was fitted)?
  19. What is the name of the Cotswold Canals Trust's trip boat based at Lechlade-on-Thames?
  20. A canal building with no corners?
  21. How long is the Sapperton Canal Tunnel; is it 153.5, 173.5 or 193.5 chains? (One chain equals 22 yards)
  22. How many locks were there at Siddington?
  23. How many 'in service' railway bridges are there on the two canals?
  24. How many double locks are there on the Thames & Severn Canal?
  25. No lifting gear required to get over this missing bridge at South Cerney?
  26. A lock on the Thames & Severn with some cured meat in it?
  27. Water can be seen 'roaring' through this lock in Chalford after prolonged periods of heavy rain?
  28. Whose Orchard can be found on the Thames & Severn?
  29. This swing bridge restored in 2012 is all at sea?
  30. Who designed the first Cornish-type beam engine to be used at the Thames Head Pumping station in 1794?

Answers here.

Note this quiz was first published by Cotswold Canals in Pictures in December 2014.