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Coates Roundhouse

Coates Roundhouse

Coates Roundhouse
(Photo: 2138 - 01/09/2010)

This is one of the five Roundhouses on the Thames & Severn Canal, built as lengthsmen’s cottages between 1791-2.  Constructed of coursed rubblestone they were originally rendered. There are ashlar band courses at the upper floor levels and stone surrounds to windows and doors.

This is one of three taller ones, the additional height concealing an inverted conical roof for collecting  rainwater.  The other two of this type are at Marston Meysey and Inglesham.

The ground floor was designed for stabling, and the upper floors, linked by an internal staircase, for living accommodation. This building was modernised and extended, and the ground-floor portion was incorporated into the living accommodation – as shown by inserted windows, doors and staircase.

The building is derelict, lacking floors or roof, but it has been consolidated and structurally is in reasonable condition. Some internal fixtures survive and it retains handrails for the stairs.

It had its own walled gardens and some outbuildings, now derelict and overgrown.

All 5 original roundhouses on the Thames & Severn survive. This is the only one that is derelict. The roundhouse belongs to the Bathurst Estate.

Coates Roundhouse

Coates Roundhouse
(Photo: 2866 - 12/05/2012)

Coates Roundhouse

Looking through a first floor window
(Photo: 2386 - 01/09/2010)

Coates Roundhouse

Ground floor of Coates Roundhouse
(Photo: 2865 - 28/08/2005)

Coates Roundhouse

Inside Coates Roundhouse, showing two of the fireplaces
(Photo: 2883 - 28/08/2005)

Coates Roundhouse

Outshut to the rear of the Roundhouse
(Photo: 2583 - 28/08/2005)

This lean to was a latter addition to the Roundhouse, and served as a scullery (kitchen / utility room in today's language).

Coates Roundhouse

The collapsed inverted roof of Coates Roundhouse
(Photo: 2864 - 28/08/2005)

Before being Resued!

Coates Roundhouse

Coates Roundhouse in 1986, with nature taking charge
(Photo: 2863 - 1986)

Volunteers from the Cotswold Canals Trust, with the permission of the owner, later removed the ivy and made a number of minor structural repairs.

The doors were also blocked-up to keep people out of what is, internally at least, an
potentially unsafe structure.

Historical Photo

Coates Roundhouse

Coates Roundhouse - view towards Thames Head
(Photo: 2782: Reproduced by permission of English Heritage)

The roundhouse, built in 1790, provided tied accommodation for a canal maintenance man. Workmen in the middle distance appear to be re-puddling the canal with clay to repair leaks.

The date of this photo is listed as being taken between 1860-1922. It was probably taken during the period of the County Council restoration in the first years of the 20th century.

Skew railway bridge can be seen in the distance, and the structure in the canal next to the roundhouse is a stop-plank point.