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Saul Moorings

Phase 1B Funding Setback

It was announced in early May 2016 that the Cotswold Canals Trust was unsuccessful in its £15 million bid to secure funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) for the Phase 1B restoration programme.

More on this story can be found on the Cotswold Canals Trust website here.


Work restarts at Weymoor Bridge, Latton

After an 18-month pause, work to reconstruct Weymoor Bridge at Latton on the Thames & Severn Canal has restarted. A team from the Waterway Recovery Group (WRG) supported by local volunteers started to build the bridge arch over the Easter weekend. 115 courses are required to complete the arch which is 1.5 bricks thick, or equivalent to 3 ‘rings’, except the bricks are laid in a different pattern which will allow the bridge to take maximum road weight vehicles (ie. 44 tonnes).

The arch is being constructed over a wooden former supported by a substantial steel frame which will be removed when the arch is complete and the cement has fully hardened.

A canopy has been erected over the site to allow work to continue in unfavourable weather.


Dredging Starts at Wallbridge Pound

Dredging has now started in the pound above Wallbridge Upper Lock. This is an area where there has previously been a landslip, so part of the works involve stabilising the offside bank. (Photos taken 23 & 25/03/2016).

Wallbridge Pound

Wallbridge Pound

Timber piles that will be used to stabilise the bank

Wallbridge Pound

Wallbridge Pound

Temporary dam at Dr Newtons Way Bridge to hold back the water from Wallbridge Pound

More photos on the Wallbridge Pound page.